Broad Aims and Objectives
1. To set up Indo German Manager Network in India and across other countries to strengthen the market information international Business development, training and advisory etc.
2. To facilitate and enhance the capabilities of members in a holistic manner with a medium to long term perspective of Growth & diversification.
3. To educate and create awareness among the users and other stake holders about the various services, products, market requirements & their benefits both long term and short term and about the various good practices which are popular all over world and need to be implemented in India in general .
4. To assist the members to recruit and train engineers, technicians and other staff, if the members so request.
5. To catalyze the improvement of eco system of indo German Manager through networking with relevant stake holders.
6. To identify, facilitate and enhance Indo German Manager Competence in existing clusters capable of synergizing on region, industry, sector, location etc.
7. To enhance the capabilities of Indo German Manager & respective companies to support their respective clients for export marketing through local support and development.
8. To take up issues of individuals and organizations this may help either in short term or in long term interest of the members.
9. To act as a repository of knowledge bank for Indo German manager in various areas namely functional, cross cultural. Policy based, fiscal, legal,global trade, personal development etc.
10. To facilitate Indo German Manager Capabilities in the areas related to business development.
11. To remove bottlenecks in the said activities to perform all such acts, this may encourage safe and qualitative business environment.
12. To strengthen networking with various institutions in both public and private sector for sharing knowledge, conducting research and submitting white papers to the policy makers for the betterment of business.
13. Regular Meeting and coordination with different country counterparts for learning, exchanging information and prospecting.
14. To conduct periodical meetings, seminars, workshops and symposiums besides training classes by calling eminent men as speakers so that the skills can be improved and business development can be done in modernized and updated information system.
15. To discuss, support, oppose any legislative or executive measures, by a legitimate and constitutional means which affect or are likely to affect the business potential.
16. To guard, protect and defend all lawful and legitimate rights and privileges of the Members.
17. To take up, consider, discuss and put forward the view points of the Members on any question generally affecting the members by organizations, who are devoting their attention towards the welfare of the industry.
18. To become members of the organization engaged with the industry, chambers of Commerce and other such organizations, who are devoting their attention towards the welfare of the industry.
19. To represent officially the view of the members to the Government of India, state Governments or other Authorities, local Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations or any other public or private bodies and to nominate representative to serve to the committees appointed by the Government of Legislative Bodies or of other agencies.
20. To take up such steps by personal or written appeals, public meetings or otherwise as may from time to time be deemed expedient for the purpose of procuring contributions/ donations to the funds of the Associations in the form of, subscription, Admission fee or otherwise form members and non members.
21. To coordinate with such other Associations, Companies or corporations whose aims and objects are similar to that of the Association.
22. To purchase, take on lease or Hire or otherwise to acquire as a gift from any one, any movable or immovable properties for the objectives of the Association. To construct and maintain, vary or alter any building or work necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Association.
23. To draw, accept, endorse Cheques, Bills, Hundies, Notices or other negotiable and to operate the accounts of the Association with any Bank or Bankers. 24. To borrow and raise money for the purposes of the Association in such manner as the Association may think fit.
25. To establish and support and to aid in establishment and support of any other like minded Association/ Association formed for any of the objects of the Association.
26. Assist any organization in capacity building domestic or international.
27. Organize, assist, establish and maintain facilities for joint activities of any of the members such as publicity, exhibition, bulk purchase and such other acts as the Association may deem fit.
28. To frame Bye laws, Articles of the Association for the conduct of the officers and staff in order to carry out the various objects of the Association.

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Ms. Neena Nair
Vice President
Mr. Lalit Ahuja
Mr. Kuldeep Nagpal
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Mr. Manish Gupta
Mr. Rajpal Singh
Mr. Abubucker Kajabande Nawas Babu
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