Aims and Objectives

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Broad Aims and Objectives 

1. Establishment of Indo-German Manager Network: Create a robust network for information exchange, business development, and advisory services across India and globally. 

2. Capability Enhancement: Focus on holistic capacity-building for members to ensure sustainable growth and diversification. 

3. Awareness and Education: Educate stakeholders about market dynamics, best practices, and long-term benefits to promote informed decision-making. 

4. Recruitment and Training Support: Assist members in recruiting and training personnel as per their requirements. 

5. Ecosystem Improvement: Enhance the environment for Indo-German managers through strategic networking and collaboration. 

6. Competence Identification and Facilitation: Identify and support managerial competence within existing clusters for enhanced synergy. 

7. Export Marketing Support: Empower members and companies to assist clients in export marketing through local support and development. 

8. Issue Resolution and Advocacy: Address individual and organizational issues and advocate for members’ interests through legitimate means. 

9. Knowledge Repository: Serve as a knowledge bank across various domains to support Indo-German managers’ development. 

10. Business Development Facilitation: Facilitate capabilities in business development to foster growth and expansion. 

11. Capacity Building : Organizing Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops/Exhibitions and also facilitate participation in the similar events 

Other Aims and Objectives 

12. Promote Bilateral Trade: Facilitate and enhance business ties between Indian and German companies by fostering trade relations and encouraging partnerships. 

13. Networking Platform: Serve as a networking platform for professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses from both countries to connect, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities. 

14. Information Hub: Provide comprehensive information on market trends, investment opportunities, regulatory updates, and business environment in India and Germany to assist members in making informed decisions. 

15. Business Advocacy: Advocate for policies and initiatives that promote bilateral trade, investment, and economic cooperation between India and Germany, working closely with government bodies and industry stakeholders. 

16. Skill Development: Organize workshops, seminars, training programs and Exhibitions, and also facilitate participation in the similar events aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of members, enabling them to effectively navigate the Indo-German business landscape. 

17. Promote Innovation: Encourage innovation and technology exchange between Indian and German businesses through initiatives such as technology transfer, R&D collaborations, and joint ventures. 

18. Cultural Exchange: Foster cultural understanding and appreciation between India and Germany through cultural events, language programs, and cross-cultural exchanges, creating a conducive environment for business collaboration. 

19. SME Support: Provide support and resources tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to expand their presence in either market, including market entry strategies, funding assistance, and mentorship programs. 

20. Sustainability Initiatives: Promote sustainable business practices and eco-friendly solutions among members, aligning with global efforts towards environmental conservation and corporate social responsibility. 

21. Thought Leadership: Position IGBDA as a thought leader in Indo-German business relations by publishing research papers, industry reports, and case studies, showcasing best practices and insights for mutual benefit. 

22. Membership Benefits: Offer exclusive benefits and privileges to members, including access to business matchmaking services, discounted event tickets, and preferential treatment in partnership opportunities. 

23. International Expansion: Assist Indian and German companies in expanding their operations beyond their respective markets by providing market intelligence, partner identification, and logistical support.  

24. Business Beyond Germany: German Government has similar program (PG – Partnering with Germany) with more than 20 other countries. IGBDA is part of the MOU Partner with all the countries to foster business amongst each other.